Friday, July 1, 2011

The writing on the table

Quick post:

We drive to Lake Leota Park to have the boys ride their bikes over the skateboarding ramps. After a few thrills and spills we sit on the picnic table for refreshments.

I hear the following observations regarding the graffiti on the table.

David says: "boy this kid needs to learn how to spell! He has written here: _____(boy name) licks _____ (girl name). I mean doesn't he know how to spell like or what? It is L I K E for goodness sake. Ha Ha Ha Ha he wrote lick by mistake!"

(I doubt it was a mistake, but I grin at the innocence of it)

Not to be outdone Caleb pipes up: "Yes and over here someone spelled flag wrong. They forgot the L. Geez, learn how to spell people."

(I smile - sheltered from the world for a little while longer.)