Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Emily

Our weekend trip to Lake Emily with Karen, Zach and Sam, our boys and Maddie.

The stuff is overwhelming. How did Rosalie do it? I can't imagine all the packing of stuff for more children. Geez!

John took the younger boys for a boat ride and Caleb caught a fish.

I stayed at the playground with the older kids. That was a bit weird. I should've had a book. I had to be there, but I didn't have to actively help anyone with stairs or slides or swings. I started to get bored and sleepy. 'Could've been because we got up so early.

The cousins were early risers - like 4:55 am early. I heard them giggling and foraging thru the screen tent for food, which woke up Maddie. Oh well. I'll sleep when I am dead.

The weather was great until Sunday AM. A storm front came in and we had to break down the camp site earlier than expected and in a bit more of a rush than desired. We got all the tents down before the rain hit - just barely. Whew. Our food stuff got wet and our camping dishes but those are a lot easier to deal with than a wet tent.

For the first time since we have camped at Lake Emily, there were open campsites on a weekend. The ranger thought it was due to the economy. 7 Sites were unoccupied. I was amazed. It was great weather - perfect for camping.

I would sure like to have a Rosalie/Art Baierl family reunion there - hint hint. Anyone game for an August or September weekend? I'll do the leg work - but you have to fly in - and show up with your suit. We have 3 tents that can hold a total of 15 or so.