Saturday, July 30, 2011

The picture on the birthing suite

The day Caleb was born seems like yesterday. Right outside the door of my birthing suite was a picture of a wheat field and 3 short-haired mischievous boys overlooking the field with intent to have some fun. I remember laughing on the inside about the print. I had one of those rare moments when you realize - hey that means something to me!

It was clear from the picture that in a few short moments that field would never be the same. It was also clear from the look on the boys' profiles that in a few short moments they were going to be the ones who rearranged that field.

At the time I only had 2 sons. But here we are, a few years later with 3 short-haired boys of our own.

Fast forward now 'til last week.

It is VERY hot and I am driving to Janesville for some errands.

I pass field after field and that picture comes to mind.

Much to my boys' annoyance I insist we go home change into jeans and go back for that picture.

(Did I mention we have no air conditioning in our van and it is a heat index over 100 degrees.)

Here is the final product:

I will have this print made and hang it outside my bedroom door.

My birthing suite days are over. smile.