Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on Nathan

Nathan is changing like the leaves on our beautiful silver maple tree out front.

Day by day,BOOM another baby trait gone.

You know how good ice cream is on a hot summer day? How those last few bites are just the best because you savor it the most knowing it will be gone soon? Well that is how I have been with Nathan lately.Savoring the last of it.

I just gave him a super short buzz cut and it aged him 6 months I swear. His head and face are less and less baby looking more and more looking like David. His neck seems longer and his body is more like a bean pole.

Every day his language skills jump to the next level. His temper is still EXPLOSIVE but he gets calmed down much quicker with words than before (especially if those words include do you want a spanking?)

His "cup of tea" battle cry is over - I won.

God has graciously renewed my fascination with my children. Probably because I am getting more sleep. Allowing me to have more energy. Or maybe it is indeed that savoring of the last toddlerhood in this home.

Whoever said it was boring to be a stay home mom wasn't paying attention to the amazing things going on all around them. Probably because they were tired and looking for their cup of coffee.

Now that Autumn (or rather winter) is here, we are spending more time inside. Nathan is really an outdoors guy so I am not sure how this will go. He is my sports kid. Always wants to play catch, play baseball, or do whatever the big boys are doing.

He is getting ready to potty train. He even lifts his shirt and stands at the tree like he is peeing on it. That is what his brothers are doing so that is what he must do. It is funny. I am not pushing potty skills yet. He is fascinated by watching the boys go standing up and yells and waves "bye bye pee pee" when the toilet is flushed. Then laughs and laughs.

So that is what is new here.