Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Caleb

What a difference having the older brother in school makes. Caleb actually gets a word in edgewise sometimes. Between David talking non stop and Nathan demanding whatever he wants, poor Caleb is always interrupted. Not so when David is at school.

Caleb's biggest new development is his reading. We are continuing on the hooked on phonics. His light bulb is truing on more and more. He is farther than David was at this age and is already able to read over 50 words. That program is worth gold - GOLD I tell ya!

The boy is built like grandpa Art and he hasn't had a life of hauling bricks. Look out girls, the boy is going to be a lady killer. The hair is turning dark and thick, like the Baierl side, the dimple is mischievously cute and the mind is sharp as a whip! He is a nonconformist. During Cubbies (AWANA) he is a lone spirit. Little fart doesn't care one bit if he his not doing as he is told. He is going to be the one who has incomplete assignments but passes the school tests, just watch. He will understand and know the school stuff but he won't tell you that, nor will he conform to the expectations of the class teacher. The homework will be incomplete and he won't care a bit. That will blow David's mind. I can see it now :"Aren't you David Baierls' brother?" To which he will grin his dimple and say some remark like "No" just to send them in search of the school records scratching their heads.

While doing our bible stories at night he is constantly a body in motion. But he hears the whole thing and answers all the questions so you know he is listening. I think he likes not conforming and then being able to "show us up" by actually knowing what we are talking about. A part of me really likes this - after all I loved the fact that John was a rebel, Mr long hair. (clearly the "get good grades" didn't matter one bit in how successful John has turned out in life. Ha! Take that!)

One more thing about Caleb. The dude is a mirror. If you ever wanted to hear or see what I was saying or doing at home you just need to see or hear Caleb. His responses to Olivia or Nathan when I am in the other room are to the T my words and inflections. Thankfully this is mostly good, but ever once in a while you will see me cringe at this. It keeps me in check because I can really be sarcastic and he is getting this negative trait from me. It is like God pulling a mirror up to you when you are the least ready to look. I gotta work on that. Quick.