Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update on David

It has been a while since I posted. The days are busy as always. Time keeps on tickin'

The last few weeks I have been tyring to be even more intentional in reaching the spirits of the kids. For whatever reason I have really been sensing the "growing up" of the boys more and more.

David is now in T and T at AWANA. This seems almost unreal to me that my boy is a 3rd grader and in the big boy club at AWANA. His verses and sections are MUCH harder. He rarely needs me for anything at home anymore. He was a very inviting young boy who was always asking for me to play with him but now he is moving on to bigger and better things.

I was really struck this week at how tall he is and just how long his legs are. I pulled out all the winter clothes and was smiling at the outfits Nathan now wears and comparing them to the size of Davids jeans. My goodness. Remember that roly poly 99 percentile chub a lump baby? When did he become Mr. Lean Bean? I have been here the whole time but man Kapow you blink and they are half way to being a man.

His character is really developing nicely. I am so proud of him. Lately at bedtime I get to hear him "realizing" daily truths about the world around him. The last few weeks he has told me mostly about the kids in his class and what he thinks about them and their families. He as told John and I about how he notices whose parents are fighting, whose kids are unsupervised and allowed to say and do bad things, and whose homes are calm or chaotic. He told me that at lunch a boy wanted to trade snacks with David but the lunchroom supervisor said they could not do this. The boy told David "She isn't looking now -lets trade" but he said no because he knew God was looking and he was being tempted to disobey.

We had a parent teacher conference for the first semester and he is getting all A's except in spelling where he has a B. He is reading in the 5th grade instructional level. Oh and his handwriting is sloppy (there is no grade for this) no surprise there, ever read mine? Sorry kid you got that from mom.

He is a social butterfly, inviting the new kids in his class (1 moved from Alaska 1 moved from California) to playdates and asking us to write notes to welcome them to Evansville. Clearly he has no self image issues.

So just as Dr Dobsons book on bringing up boys says, David is really in the blissful period of parenting a school ager. No toddler battles no adolescent wars.