Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caleb's New (old) bike

We pulled out the old training wheel bike and Caleb showed some interest in it. The tire had a hole in it so it needed a new tire and tube.

I decided I would take care of this since it should be a relatively simple task right? (and Johns "honey do"this list is already long) Well,I was wrong about the simple part.

I go to Walmart. They have the tire size but not in stock right now. Target only carries the 12 inch and the 16 inch, not the 14 inch tires. Toys R Us only has the tube not the tire. So now it is 10:30 (I left at 8 AM) and I am mad we have not found a tire to fit and my 2 youngest have been dragged into the toy section of the store and have to have been told repeatedly that we are not here to buy toys, just a bike tire.

I find a bike store named Michael's Cycles and hooray they have 1 tire 14 inches and the tube! Only problem the store is next to McDonald's and it is now lunch time. Sorry, once again I get to be mean mom and say No.

I drive home the baby falls asleep - now I will get no nap out of him ARGHH. No problem I look back and Caleb is asleep too - but he hasn't peed since 8 am so you know what that means. sigh. (it is 12 30 at this point)

I get the garage open find the ratchet (is that the right tool?) that fits. I get the nuts/ bolts whatever they are, off both training wheels. I figure out how to get the back wheel off. I need a Philips screw driver for one part, a socket set for another and a wrench for yet another. No wonder john has so many tools. Goodness sake people!

I push, pull, and plead with the old tire to come off the wheel. Sucess! I get the new tube on and spend30 minutes trying to get the new tire on the wheel.

Now I know why mechanics swear so much. Jeepers! Ok finally I get that done. oh crap the air nozzle is no longer lined up with hole in the wheel for the nozzle. ok everyone still sleeping? Yup. Get the nozzle aligned.

Now how do these pieces go back together again?
Get the wheel back on.
Get the training wheels back on.
Chain falls off the pedals - AARRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Take off training wheels, take off wheel cover, reinstall chain. Tighten nut/bolt (whatever that thing is). Kids still sleeping? Yup. Put wheel cover back on, training wheels back on. Put back back in van - drive to BP for air.

Kids wake up hungry and crying - too late now I have spent over an hour with this tire and it is going to get air and you will ride it!

Go to air pump. Put air hose up to nozzle - nozzle in tire is burried again ARGHHHH.

Run in store buy candy for kids. HA not kidding - go back to air nozzle.
Get crow bar from tire changing area in van. Pry tire over enough to stick nozzle back thru hole. Fill with air.
Put bike back in van.
Drive home feeling invincible. I am woman hear me roar!
Feed kids lunch at 2 pm.