Monday, November 24, 2008

A trip to our favorite gas station

So Caleb and David want to go to the BP after Davids musical (it is already 8:30 on a school night). The responsible mom in me wants to say "NO WAY!" But the kid in me want to say "OK"

The kid wins this time around. I ask what treat they would like. David says "KIT KAT!" and Caleb says:"I want a beef stick please!"

A beef stick? What? A beef stick. Are you kidding me? You want a beef stick? (we don't watch tv so where did he find out about a beef stick?)

I guess he and John and tried one together some time ago. I did not know he had ever had one before, so his request was super funny to me.

Ok Slap into a slim Jim it is. Guess he needs meat!

The BP is 2 and 1/2 blocks from home. But check out this picture. This is how messy Nathan can get in 2 1/2 blocks with a kit kat piece. Imagine seeing that in your rear view mirror. HA!