Saturday, November 22, 2008

David's 2nd grade musical

David had his 1st class play/musical last week. It included all the Evansville 2nd grade classes. Each class is in a different color shirt. (David's class shirt was pink) I included a 3 1/2 minute clip of the hour long production. I spliced together some of the musical numbers so you could see how many 2nd graders there are in this tiny town (there are 141 2nd graders about 16 or so per class). This music teacher really has things under control for being so outnumbered.

In the first part of the clip you can see just how many kids there are in 2nd grade here in Evansville. The place was standing room only for just the parent/grandparent show last Thursday.

In the beginning of the clip you see David looking around for us. Then later you see him find us and give John a wink and a 'I love you' sign. At the very end you see him give us the "I'm Joe Cool" look.

At the end of the show the music teacher got all teary eyed and said how much fun she has at her job and how much she loves the kids. It was a great experience for David.

Enjoy the clip

Oh sorry about the Nathan coughing episode half way thru. We are all just now on the mend from being sick for the last 2 weeks. Amazingly David was the only one who did not get it.