Thursday, October 23, 2008

In case of emergency

The morning of the second sleepover I get up earlier than the kiddos and made pancakes. It is Sunday morning and I am running around trying to get 5 kids (and myself) ready for Sunday school.

I get everyone their pancakes and sausage, we pray, and I run upstairs to get dressed. John is downstairs with them eating. Thank goodness.

Our guest (who shall remain nameless) shows David how to eat his pancake in a new and exiting way. "You fold it in half and then fold in half again and shove it in."

David is clearly impressed and gives it a try. Only 1 problem. He chokes. Like not a little bit, like CHOKES. Now I have heard many a close call but this was the real deal.

John actually has to give David the Heimlich (how do you spell that?) I am upstairs getting dressed. Thank goodness John was there - he would have been turning blue by the time I decided what pants to wear. (what mom doesn't carry her own load of GUILT!)

John is the guy you want to be with when there is an emergency let me tell ya. I have seen him run into a building in order to put a fire out once. We were just driving by and he pulled over, passed the people standing like idiots watching, ran in got the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Climbed back in our car and proceeded about his day.

Once while having dinner with friends, I saw him fly over to a hostess who passed out. Before I even knew anything was happening he already had her head back and was assessing her breathing and pulse.

Once on main street he saw a man get hit by a car and called 911, talked to the locals and because of his descriptions and keen eye he gave testimony that led to the arrest of the hit and run driver. This was on MAIN STREET and everyone else just stood there like a bunch of statues.

Thank goodness for John being there while David choked. John, you are my hero.

I will wager to bet that David will forever more cut all his pancakes into bite size pieces.