Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carving our pumpkins

Ok this is great.

Yesterday Caleb is "negotiating" with me to get something he wants. I can't even remember anymore what it was. He decided to use one of dads favorite lines.

So he says to me. "OK mom. Here's the deal..."

"Here's the deal?" I say back. Are you kidding me? "Here's the deal?"

He flashes the usual dimple grin. I laugh out loud and say a silent prayer for the wife he will have some day.

I actually get him saying it on tape later on while we are carving pumpkins.

AND if that is not enough - after carving his pumpkin he lovingly looks at it and says
"I wish I had a pumpkin like that."

Listen to him on the clip it is soooo funny because the pumpkin he wishes he has is actually his pumpkin!