Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homecoming football

Recently our whole family went to Evansville Homecoming football game. I think it may really honestly be the 1st time I attended a homecoming game since I was in High School. That would be like 16 years ago.

David LOVED it. He was old enough to understand the game. It was rather exciting too as there were a number of interceptions, turnovers, blocked punts and almost scores. (In the last few minutes the other team scored and won). Our local babysitter was in the marching band and of course he got to raid the concession stand.

Caleb was great for the whole thing. He got cold and tired and snuggled with Dad and fell asleep. Of course that meant 1 thing. When it was time to leave (we were WAY up in the bleachers and stuck there) He woke up on the way to the van and peed all over John and himself. So both of them were cold and wet and I lead us the wrong way to the van. Stellar.

Nathan stayed awake for it all and even clapped at a few cute moments when the crowd cheered. He didn't care who was winning, he was happy to be out of the house with action all around.

In the beginning of the game they announced the players, their numbers, positions and height and weight. I glanced over at the cheerleaders and remembered what it was like to be in those skimpy outfits holding those poms. I laughed at the change in perspective I had. Years ago as I stood there cheerleading I would listen to them announce my teams players and rate them based on cuteness and how much fun they would be to date, etc.

Now I sit in the stands, bouncing a baby on my knee and hear over 6 players taller than 6 feet 2 inches and over 240 pounds. I am not thinking the same thing I was 16 years ago, now I am thinking: OH MY GOODNESS WHO FEEDS THEM? I actually let out a sigh and think to myself
I will have to go back to work just for the groceries - we are doomed - we have 3 BIG BOYS! AUGHHHHHHH.

So half my life ago I was thinking about kissing them. Now I am thinking about feeding them. Yup, I have officially accepted the fact that I am old and out of style.

Homecoming is sure different than the last time I remember it.