Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 - 2016 School Year Begins

The beginning of school always brings about much crazy in our household.

This year all 3 of my boys will be going to school on campus. That has NEVER happened before. I have always had at least 1 child homeschooling. Sometimes I have had all 3. Usually, it was a combination of public, virtual, and home school.

This year changed all of that. David is attending the local high school campus. Caleb is at the intermediate school campus, Nathan is at the elementary school, and I am working for JEDI.

With my work, I begin enrollment for my 4 districts the week before the boys go to school.
So the last week of summer break for them is the beginning of the busiest time of year for me.  We have 400+ students to enroll in all classes and meetings with students and guardians back to back.

 I agreed to take 30 students and manage the students who are on campus full time but are taking 1 course via JEDI. I felt a little bit like this when I discovered there were 85 of those single course students - help! :

As the boys enjoyed the last few lazy days of summer, I worked like a crazy lady. But, I got them all enrolled and active.  The first 2 weeks of every quarter are challenging, but the work is so rewarding.
More than half of my students are gifted and talented AP students. I have a handful of "average" students, and the remaining are special needs in some way. (I went back and got my Special Ed. License last school year,)  

The boys all got the teachers we requested and we were thrilled! David's schedule was all that we asked for and we were excited to find that much of his AP English course was based on novels he had already read for entertainment. That will be an easy class for him. 

Here are some pics: