Friday, July 6, 2012

Freedom Fest!

All three of our boys realize what independence is all about.

Nathan listened along as Caleb did the founding fathers history class this past school year.

So now we don't have to try and have them realize what it is all about. In fact, whenever the flag goes by in a parade Nathan stands and puts his hand on his heart without even thinking about it. It is so heartwarming to me.

To celebrate our great nation, we attended Freedom Fest with the Hionis family and went to Evansville's local parade. Which I must say is amazing. We still have many WWII veterans who march or are riding in convertibles. Nathan asked:" You mean they went to WWII and came back? Not dead? Oh!"

Freedom Fest has all types of carnival rides and fun activities for the boys.

But it was HOT. Like 98 degrees. WOW.

So wonderful to have David be 11 years old. He has his own phone so was able to move about the festival with a buddy and without mom and dad. This allowed mom and dad to take Caleb and Nathan to their favorite rides and balloon animals, etc.

After persevering thru the extreme heat, the sun set to the most wonderful bug free evening. Since it hasn't rained in a very long time, the grass was more like hay. Not enough moisture for the mosquito's. We stayed for the most spectacular fire works show. And again as the boys all get older, no kid of ours cried thru the loud booms. They all enjoyed the show. Being a mom of older children, rocks!