Monday, May 30, 2011

Nathan's Heart and Lymph Node Update

We saw the Pediatric Cardiologist again for the 6 month recheck.

Nathan's Echocardiograms show he is staying steady at the same levels as before. Praise the Lord, there is no evidence of ventrical wall thickening. So his body is coping well with the pressure levels.

We saw the Pediatric ENT this week too. Finally. His node is now the size of large peanut. A huge improvement from 4 weeks ago when it was about as bigger than a peach pit. That was alarming!

The ENT concluded that the only way to really know what is going on is to remove and biopsy the node. Well, we aren't doing that! Since his node is getting smaller each day we are going to continue to watch and wait. We may never know what that was all about. We take comfort in the power of prayer. It's amazing how our family is reminded over and over that the Great Physician is really in charge. Good thing.

Here is a picture of Nathan getting "tickled" by the ENT doctor. (He had a great chariside manner with my little man.)