Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caleb's 6th birthday

MagiQuest in the Wi Dells was all he wanted for his big day.

This place is preteen boy heaven. It is a glorified scavenger hunt with dragons, suits of armor, wizard wands and riddles to solve. Add in rope ladders, slides and trampoline floors and you have a birthday made with smiles. Now this is interactive video gaming. We all get a cardio workout at this place. Up and down 4 floors via stairs or ropes for 4 hours! Whew~

He had got to choose who came and all he wanted was his best buddy JP and he wanted to have David stay in school. So off we went to the Dells minus one big brother. Since Caleb has been there before he was enjoying being the boy in the know. He knew the answer to everything already so it made him feel like Mr. Important. They did slay the Dragon and complete their quest.

Later in the evening we had a family celebration with birthday cake.
The cake was Ben 10 of course.

I will work on getting a few of the pics posted soon.