Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on AWANA

Well we made thru our first month of club.

We had 2 BARF (bring a real friend) nights and now have a larger club. We had 13 guests on the first night - 7 on the second night. 9 of those kids signed up to come weekly. So now we have a regular attendance of 54 kids. Isn't that something - we are thrilled beyond measure. 20 Truth and Training kids (Grades 3-6), 16 Sparks (grades K-2) and 18 Cubbies (3-4 yr olds). 25 of the kids who come are not a part of the church and are outreached from the community.

As a side note, on our first BARF night I, Jenny, actually got barfed on. Go figure. It is cold/flu season and the most adorable Cubbie (4 year old girl) was playing in game time. She told her leader that her belly hurt. The leader got me, I talked to her and decided to call her mom. While we were waiting for mom to arrive, I looked over and just knew she was going to get sick. I picked her up and ran to the bathroom. We made it - sort of. The first vomit was in the stall but not in the toilet - rather we got it on the toilet, stall walls and my lanyard and arm/hand. The second vomit got in/on the toilet and the 3rd vomit was a direct hit. I guess I get better with practice. Whew - can't have a dull moment on a AWANA night.

I was thankful I had a split second to notice the look of certain vomit - one that I have seen many a times from my boys. I was so thankful it did not happen in game time all over the AWANA game square or in my hair. So it will go down in history as a great AWANA night story.
Gettin' barfed on during BARF night. I will be more careful on our naming of theme nights in the future. HA.