Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caleb - Mr. Sensative Smell

Frequently Caleb will comment on how something smells.

"What is THAT smell?!?!"

He comments on my morning coffee "argh that smells gross!"

He comments on the Christmas Wreaths at Fleet Farms entrance.
"Oh I love that smell of Christmas"

I always have him sniff the candles at the grocery store before I buy one.
He has an exceptional sniffer.

Well today - his smeller gave him something to talk about.

Someone broke a bottle of something unrecognizable in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.
I have to tell you I can't even identify what that is - or what that was. Yuck.
Well we were there this morning buying milk and Caleb noticed.

" OH PEE U! (add gag reflex)
What is THAT SMELL!!!! (add nose hold)
Smells like Moose Poop!"

"moose poop?" I ask. What does moose poop smell like Caleb?"
He points out the van door - "Like that - blaah quick shut the door!"

I laughed so hard all the way home that my tummy hurt by the time I got to the driveway.
Moose Poop - LOL