Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School updates

David has now been moved to an accelerated math class. His math assessment scores were really high. His homework this past week was so hard, I had to call John in for help. I am no math dummy either.

John used an excel spreadsheet to help David grasp the math concepts and I thought to myself: Whatever are we going to do next year? I need to blow off the dust on my thinkin' cap.

Caleb is reading like a champ now. He now knows all his long vowels and we are learning all the "Exceptions" in his Hooked on Phonics class. I had the best moment last week when I gave him 6 scriptures and he could read them all by himself. Now that was an ear to ear grin for me.

When your son can read the word of God on his own - that is something terrific. Frequently now he will independently pick up a book and begin to sound it all out. His confidence level has shot way up and I am standing back with a proud smile.
Life skill of reading: Check that off the list. 2 down, 1 to go.

Nathan has moved on to graduate potty skills and is "standing like the big boys".
Nathan also started Cubbies in AWANA this year and is beyond excited to have his Cubbie Vest, book and bag. He is so much smaller than the rest of them (He is the youngest one), but he has no problem memorizing the verses and references.