Saturday, October 23, 2010

Been awhile

It has been a while since I posted last. It is certainly not for a lack of material.

Since my last post we had so many things happen.

We had a lovely visit from Grandma Rose.
John got a promotion at work - during a terrible economy.
We refinanced both houses - what a load of work that was!
We had our first parent teacher conference for David's 4th grade.
We left our beloved church family of 15 years at Monona Oaks. (Love you guys!)
We joined a local church and started an AWANA ministry. (44 kids the 1st week -PTL) I could write a whole book on this experience alone. What a priveledge to start this club in Evansville.
The van was in the shop not once, but twice.
My cell phone broke the week before AWANA started - grrr.
I injured my right foot - spent half day getting it xrayed but it's not broke - whew!
Almost wrecked the van at school turnabout - terribly dangerous distracted driver (not me).
We celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary.

That enough? I'd say yes. As soon as things settle, I will have more time to post about them all. But, we are blessed.
It is a different type of busy than when the boys were babies and I love it.

Time is going faster and faster now, and we are trying hard to savor the goodness of our great and mighty Lord. Hope you are too.