Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Legoland AND Rainforest Cafe Chicago

Sunday we went to Legoland in Chicago and topped off the adventure with dinner at the Rainforest cafe.
What a great day!

We left right from Church. I fed the kids a packed lunch in the van as we took off. I told them: "Don't drink all your juice right away - because we are going to be driving for 2 hours to get to Legoland, and mom doesn't want to stop a hundred times on the way down to pee."

Everyone nods their heads because their mouths are stuffed with goodies.

About 5 minutes goes by and Nathan is already sleeping and the van is quiet. Caleb says:" Mom will we go to jail if we have to stop to pee?"

"Of course not" I say in response feeling bad that I OBVIOUSLY overstated the juice comment.

To which he replies: "Well what's the problem then?" Classic Caleb.

So we get to Legoland and have a great time seeing all the cool displays and stuff - Caleb gets selected to be the volunteer in the lego factory and I have a short clip of it for you.

Later we went to the rainforest cafe and had to use the bathroom. The directions I was given on how to get to the bathroom were: "You go thru the fish tank until you get to the cougar, then take a left under the rainbow. "
That will give you an idea how cool this place was. Our table was right up against the HUGE fish tank - and to top it all off we had the desert that was called the volcano.(Brownies piled over vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a lit sparkler. All the while they YELL: VOLCANO!!!!!! as they bring it to your table. Plus Nathan got to partake too because little by little we are letting him try food that has egg baked in.

Driving home I asked the older boys what was their favorite part of the day. Both of them said "ALL OF IT!!!!"