Monday, March 23, 2009

David's Speech

David is 7 years old - the second youngest kid in his class.

I was amazed to hear from his teacher that his homework last week was to read a 5 page typed informative booklet on jellyfish. Use 10 post its to write down the 10 most interesting facts in the booklet, organize the facts into groups, write a hook statement, use the 10 facts to write the body of a speech, then write an ending.

Not only was he to read the booklet, get the 10 facts, write the hook and ending, but also have it all done in 5 days and then deliver his speech in front of the class with a poster of pictures on his topic (jellyfish) and then deliver his speech again to teachers for grading.

Boy, some things the school is way behind on and some things I sit and think - "I don't think I did that in the second grade!"

Well David did really well - scoring a 44 out of 50 total points for delivery of speech, eye contact, enthusiasm, information, and volume control categories. He got one comment from the teacher saying:" You're a natural!"

I don't think he will have the #1 fear of people: Public speaking

Not that I every doubted it, but the kid is going to be a professor, politician or a preacher. He even shakes your hand with confidence. You should see him when the pastor tells the congregation to go greet someone. The kid works his way thru the pews shakin' hands like he owns the place.

But for now I am happy to have him as just a kid.