Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our new ceiling

For those of you who have seen our house this summer, I apologize. It has been a construction zone! We took down the old tile ceiling and broken crown molding and replaced it with drywall and texture and new crown molding. Well, that was expensive and a mess, but I have wanted to do this project since the day we moved in.

Like all old house projects, we found a surprise once we opened the ceiling. Our previous owners had our heating and air conditioning vented with dryer vent tubing. What? My contractor was like: "Ummmm... come and look at THIS!"  That will increase the estimate and delay the project completion date. Yeah, no kidding! Let's make that right before we put the ceiling back together.

 I am so thankful to the Lord that we did not burn this house down with that dyer venting. If you know the layout of my house at all you know that that ceiling/floor would be the absolute worst place to have a fire in here! We would have had to jump from the boys back window (We have a fire safety ladder in that room just in case.) My goodness, what were they thinking? How much did they save by doing that? I am not a violent person, but let me tell ya, I would like to shake those people, while screaming "What were you thinking?"

Additionally, we 'scope creep' the project even more and had an electrician come and wire the room for overhead lighting and a ceiling fan. I am giddy with the result! (I bought 6 different ceiling fans until I found the "right one". I was determined to find one where the blades matched the gorgeous wood work - found it!)

The ceiling is BEAUTIFUL.  I can finally see in the living room. The detail work on the crown molding is gorgeous. I am ecstatic, I should be for what it cost. eek.

Here is the old ceiling as we began to tear it out:

 Here is the new one: