Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Away - David 14 years

This year David will be at Bible camp for 2 full weeks. We will miss him so much!
He will have his 14th birthday while he is away. That will be so weird for us.

I enjoyed the best 4 hour car ride with him and his 2 buddies from church. Their voices are all more manly than last year. Their topics of conversation along the way were much weightier in subject and deepr in understanding. It was awesome to be the person privileged to drive them. I very much enjoyed the drive with them.

When we arrived at camp, we learned that their camp leader was Matthew. He was Nathan's leader last year. He is a very serious young man who should be a very good match for these guys. 

I giggle at this picture as it is difficult to tell who is the leader and who are the students here. There isn't much time before these boys will be the ones working at this camp

Momma's of young ones: It really does go by so fast!