Sunday, April 13, 2014

St Louis MO spring break road trip

Caleb and Nathan have been studying the Louisiana Purchase, Louis and Clark, and westward expansion. So for spring break we drove to St Louis MO to the Gateway Arch memorial.

Now, I am no fan of heights but the tram ride to the top of the Gateway Arch wasn't too bad. We went at dusk and experienced the 630 foot lookout tower at sunset. It was beautiful.  The boys were fearlessly climbing onto the platforms to lookout.  I took pictures and reminded myself that hundreds of people travel up there safely each day.

In addition to the Arch, we took a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi on the Tom Sawyer paddleboat. This was so much fun,especially since David read Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer last year. Caleb was thrilled to buy a scorpion lollipop in their gift shop. He did lick it all the way down to the scorpion inside.Blah!

The third day we visited the Science Center and Planitatium. Holy Cow, we could've stayed there for 3 days! We didnt cover the half of it.

John and David went into a fighter jet simulator together. It was neat to watch them enjoy that together. 
Clearly our boys are not little kids anymore.

The younger boys and I did experiements in the life science area. We extracted wheat germ DNA and other fun things there.

Who knew St Louis could be so much fun? What a great little roadtrip.