Monday, November 19, 2012

Caleb's second grade concert and his first report card

Caleb was very excited for us to attend his class musical.  His class had a dance to do in addition to the singing.  It was a Russian Troika dance.  Caleb was flung around in a square dance type dance with his 2 other buddies.  It was comical.  Everyone remained on their feet and we enjoyed watching them dance the Troika.

Caleb is in a green shirt, front row, farthest to the left.

The quarter has concluded and we received Caleb's first report card.
We also had our first parent teacher conference. 

Caleb is doing very well.  His reading level is 5th grade! No surprise there. Hooked on Phonics baby! Worth it's weight in GOLD, I tell you!
His math scores were way above his schools average and the national average.
An interesting observation is that our school district has lover than national average scores in all subjects tested. Hmmmm... That isn't a good sign.

He struggles with being internally distracted. He is always thinking, thinking, and thinking.  "Hmmm what ingredients do I need to have to make solar panels?" Unfortunately, his teacher isn't finding this to be a valuable asset to the class. TeeHee.  One comment he got from is teacher was: "He needs to improve on his use of time."   I couldn't agree more. He is often in "Caleb's World" and couldn't really care any less about about the rest of the class or our family.   Caleb is truely his own unique little man. We are so very proud of him.