Saturday, March 3, 2012

The end of toddlerhood

Yesterday we took apart Nathan's toddler bed.
He is after all 4 years old.
He is now in a big boy twin bed.

We moved all the boys into the former playroom,disassembled the bunk beds and moved them all side by side. No one wanted their own room. All 3 boys wanted to be together still for bedroom sleeping.

This is wonderful!

The old bedroom is now a school room. 3 desks facing opposite walls, with shelves in between.

The former playroom now sleeps 3 boys and a 70 lb golden retriever. We plan to repaint over the beloved airplanes. (which I painted during David's nap time when he was almost 2 years old)
The plan is to paint the room in an Angry Birds theme. Should be fun.....

Now that the boys are all getting older and more independent, I would like to hit the pause button on life. Right here and now seems like good ages 10,6,4. No adolescence and no baby.
I am beginning to feel like a part of the "seasoned moms" group. Like soon my little men will be minus one word. They simply will be men. A flood of emotions come over me because of a simple thing like taking apart the toddler bed for the last time......