Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letters my kids have written

David is in 5th grade and his school is getting harder for him now. Gone are the days where he can do some half effort to get a good grade. Oh no, now it is actually work and thought and planing. Much to his dismay, this teacher is strict, present and aware and he is not allowed to slack off.

Recently, his English class required him to write a few essays and letters. I was pleased to see him use some recently taught persuasive writing to good use. He wrote a letter to my former employer,First Choice Dental Group, requesting them to donate toothbrushes and toothpaste to Operation Christmas Child. He was careful to mention how this would not only benefit David, the children who receive the gifts, but also how it would benefit First Choice Dental Group.

He needed to plan the letter, write and revise the letter, then send it off by himself. Much to his delight he received a response of 4 dozen toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.

Caleb's writing is a bit different. He is a child who doesn't need people. When he is bored he goes off and "entertains" himself. He makes alot of "experiments". I will have to watch this child very closely - he is the kind who will set the house on fire to "see what happens".
(Mom B did you give John the mother's curse? - 'cuz it isn't fair to me, if you did.)

I was looking for a recipe in my recipe book and low and behold I find Caleb's writing.
It was titled:

Bored Killer
What you will need:
A cup of ice cubes


I had to laugh not only had he made this concoction but had put it in the recipe book for later.

Later that day we wrote Santa letters. I noticed after his letter on the very bottom he added:
I have been good.