Friday, September 23, 2011

It is so hard to be the 3rd child

So Nathan has really turned up the naughty lately.
But everyone else in the world is charmed by his sweet personality.
The librarian always comments how she adores him (but she calls him Caleb).
"What nice manners he has."She says.

Several of my friends, and the ladies at church are fooled too. But not his family -Nope.
Just a minute ago Nathan was throwing a fit about having to go to the bathroom.
David says: "Mom, I think we had 1 too many kids." (He was trying to take an English test)

I smile inside and think - hmmm

It makes me think about just how people react when they see me with 3 kids.
(Wow you sure have your hands full - oh my you must be busy - oh look at all your helpers etc)

Funny to me too, that they can't seem to remember which one of my kids is which. They do look alike, I give you that but really they are 2 -4 years apart. I didn't name them close either. I could have called them Brett,Brad, and Brice for goodness sake.

Today I got a birthday card in the mail for Caleb (Nathan's birthday is in September, Caleb's is in April)I think the card is for Nathan, but was sent addressed to Caleb.

Seriously people I only have 3 kids - nothing com paired to how many I could have had.

Sometimes I do feel like we had 1 too many kids. There are also days I think we had 3 too many kids. Then there are days I think we should have 3 more kids. Today, I just wish we had the same number of kids but 2 clones of me to match.