Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learning about letters

Now that Caleb is a proficient reader, it is time to focus more on Nathan learning his letters and sounds.
For each child we have used the book A to Z by Sandra Boynton. I love her board books. Also, we have the Sesame Street movie Learning about letters.

This movie has the classic Cookie Monster clip of "C is for cookie". Cookie Monster sings "C is for cookie its good enough for me ooohhh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.

For whatever reason this clip has never failed to generated smiles and laughter for all the children in my household.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Nathan and I are using a public restroom. He notices to his surprise this one doesn't have faucets to automatically turn on. It is a rare find now to have to use the handles in a public restroom.

Nathan inquires " Mom how do you turn on this water?"

I reply " Here are the handles. It isn't automatic, see here this handle says H for hot and this one here says C. What do you think C stands for?"

Nathan replays " well C is for cookie! Cookie cookie cookie starts with C!

Right,how could I ever ask such a silly queston?
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