Sunday, January 16, 2011

No Surgery Recommended!

John and I would like to share a praise with all of you.

We just received a call from the UW Pediatric Cardiology Department.

Nathan’s case was reviewed by a team of Pediatric Cardiology Surgeons this past week.

The surgeons unanimously concluded that no type of surgery was recommended for Nathans' Aortic Valve at this time.

Although his pressure levels on his EKG’s and Echocardiograms remain in the severe range, there is no signs of ventricular damage.

Because his pressure levels have remained consistent for 18 months now, they feel he still has time before any surgery will be needed. We will return for a follow up visit in May.

Obviously, we are rejoicing in this “no surgery news” for our 3 year old son and wish to give glory to the Great Physician, our Lord, for this report.