Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baierl Family Reunion and Meisinger Visit

One last summer push of excitement and a great ending to a very busy summer. That is how I would describe the last 2 weeks of August.

Amy, Tyler and Tori Meisinger came for 8 wonderful days at Casa Baierl. Nathan was sweet on Tori, always asking if she could jump on the trampoline with him. "I want to jump with HER!" he would say and point to little miss cutie Tori. He adored her.

David and Caleb wanted Tyler to sleep in their room with them because older cousins are SO Cool!

We visited the Dells twice, rented bikes and took the day around Madison via peddle, visited Ellas Deli , stampeded with half the town around the capitol square for the Saturday morning farmers market,and spend many a time on the trampoline and around the fire pit. What a jammed packed week of great company and fun.

The last day together, we met in Marshfield to attend the Baierl Family reunion. It was so enjoyable to be with Art's sisters and sister in laws. They really doted over Nathan, playing Jenga and getting him treats. Oh it is good to be 2 years old. He soaked it right up. He kept saying Marshmellowfield instead of Marshfield because it got laughter from the ladies.

David and Caleb enjoyed the outdoor play facilities and the older cousins. Everyone got along really well. Then if that wasn't grand enough we ended the day by watching Uncle Chad fly back to CA in his plane (after we climbed in and took the controls for a minute). What a great picture that was waiving goodbye to him from the private airport.