Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caleb's 1st loose tooth

Caleb seems to accomplish his "milestones" earlier and with greater gusto than David. If David was in the fast lane, Caleb would need to be in the faster lane. (Let's hope that doesn't mean Nathan will be in the fastest lane!)

Caleb has been wiggling his first loose tooth for about a week now. It turned grey today and he was able to twist it 90 degrees. He just wanted it out and endured a good amount of blood and wiggling in order to just be done with it. Finally dad was able to just pull it out. I was so excited for my Caleb to have his first jack 'o lantern smile!

He is a thinker, that Caleb. He doesn't like to be with a lot of people, and isn't exactly a socialite. So he spends a great deal of time watching, thinking and calculating. He isn't fooled that there is some 'fairy' coming into his bedroom at night to bring money. (as you can imagine we don't do much pretend play that involves fairies here) So he just comes right out and asks if mom and dad are the tooth fairy. John told him yes, we are indeed the tooth fairy. After a second he asks if he will still get money, now that he knows the secret. Of course! He is broad smiled, dimple faced. Not only does he get money, but he is in the "know". He has a secret from Nathan and he and David both have the inside scoop. This is great!

So one last time I read him the book "My loose tooth" and I can feel the radiant smile next to me as I read: " Hooray, hooray, hooray, I shout! My tooth, my tooth, it's finally out!" I turn and see this brilliant jack 'o lantern smile. What a great moment, worth every cent of the dollar that will be slipped under his pillow. And in my head I hear the song "You're gonna miss this.... You're gonna want this back..." I will live off that jack 'o lantern smile moment for a long time.