Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mom, whose wisdom does the Dr use?

So we have been going to the urgent care more times than I would like this past week. Both David and Caleb have ear infections. But we couldn't figure this out all at once of course, we needed to go 2 times.

At night our devotions have been centered around Proverbs 2:6. "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding." It is the corresponding verse I chose for our study on Noah and Abraham. (Raising a Modern Day Joseph book outline - GREAT BOOK!)

So after we get out of the urgent care and are waiting for our medicine in the pharmacy David asks me:

"Mom do you think the Doctor used God's wisdom when he looked in Caleb's ear?"

I reply: "Well, I prayed God would give the Dr wisdom in diagnosing Caleb, but I don't know if the Doctor asks God for wisdom."

Later in the day when we talked it about it some more with dad, David says :"I know the Dr didn't ask for God's wisdom because he gave us 2 clues. He said "What the experts say" and "What I think" so I don't think the Dr used Gods wisdom." Well what can a guy say in response to that?
That is exactly what the doctor did say.

David has seen on multiple occasions God's wisdom differing from the information we have gotten from the Doctors and he has watched us seek the Lords advice especially related to Nathans health issues. Look at the outcome there - Praise God that we have the ability to seek and receive the wisdom of the Lord and gain knowledge and understanding.

I was awed and humbled that clearly David has seen that verse be relevant today in our lives not just in Noah's and Abraham's. May that verse remain with him and his brothers for all their days.