Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pulling on my heartstrings

I was upstairs getting the boys ready for bed when the most delightful thing happened. I was trying to deflate the jumping pit and all the boys thought it would be fun to lay on it and goof around. That is when David decided it looked like a hot dog bun and said: "LOOK I am a hot dog in a bun!"

Not wanting to be outdone or be left out, Nathan squeezes in with David and exclaims:"Look I hot dog too!" Unbelievably I actually got a picture of it. Shortly after taking the snapshot. I heard Nathan lean over to David and say: "I love you David" to which David replied "I Love you too Nathan" Just one of those few and far between mom moments that us moms live for. YES! My kids do love eachother!

I will probably remember that every single time I see that jumping pit and every time I see a hot dog.