Friday, December 11, 2009

Nathan's Pediatric Cardiology Appointment

Today is Nathan's 6 month follow up on his Aortic Valve Stenosis.

He had another Echocardiogram, during which he was an angel boy laying still and allowing the technician to get a great test.

We are overwhelming happy to announce that his levels are lower than 6 months ago.
Yes, that means he got BETTER!
His pressure was less. (this is good)
His left ventricle showed No signs of damage (pumping harder to get the blood thru the obstruction can cause the ventricle to thicken)

We got the "no surgery needed for now" verdict along with a great sense of relief that his body has changed dramatically in the last year and his stenosis has improved. It is likely that he could maintain this level for years with no surgical intervention at all.

This means very good things for Nathan.

We want to be sure to credit the Lord for this gift of good news.

For the great many of you who regularly and sincerely pray for our little man, we give you thanks.