Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nathan turns 2

My baby is 2. Can you believe it! I am so thrilled.

Nathan is truly 2 in every sense. He is so willful. How many of you remember Caleb's 2nd birthday party? Remember how when Caleb turned 2 and that day declared war? It was like a switch was flipped and he became instant willfully disobedient toddler. Well we have a repeat with Nathan.

This has been going on for a few weeks with Nathan. But I will take this over the baby stage any day of the week. Good thing too because I do get it every day of the week. HA! I am reminded of a comment Bill Cosby made YEARS ago. He said he could take over the world if he only had an army of 2 year olds. How true is that! I am amazed as to how many grown people cave at the shrill of a determined toddler. Dr Dobson said "If Jr is looking for a fight - don't disappoint them" I am sure he would sit back and grin at a day at the Baierls.

Nathan's favorite fight is over his beverage of choice. It pretty much is anything you don't have. Well come to think of it, he never wants milk, but then again it might be because we always have milk. Not sure. Mostly you hear him yelling. NO! CUP OF TEA! It sounds so funny coming from him. You would think he was a little Englishman. CUP OF TEA! CUP OF TEA! Not hot tea, he wants green tea - it is sweet and normally is what I am drinking.

Between this and his beloved blanket you will find a very independent mind. I think Nathan really believes in his head that he is one of the "big" boys. He is determined to walk down the stairs standing up like the brothers do. He wants to put on his own shoes. He wants to put together legos or Bionicles and play with action figures. He fights a good battle with a light saber. This is really good on some levels - not so much on others.

Last Sunday I moved him out of the nursery and into Jr Children's Church. There ended my stint as a nursery kid mommy. YAHOO! I no longer have to look at the number panel and wonder if the number on the screen belongs to my kid. It has been a long time coming. 8 years of having a kid in there is a long time. Nathan immediately gravitated to the train table in the children's room and actually sat thru the Sunday School class without incident.

So now I am trying my best to enjoy these days. And when I am not pulling my hair out or grinding/clenching my teeth, I am smiling at this last round of toddlerhood. Soon the storms we will be weathering will be of adolescence and not of toddlerhood and I am not in a hurry to rush into that.

I will post his birthday pics and videos soon, but right now I need to get a cup of tea - for me.