Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It is winter indeed

Monday we received our first big snow. By Tuesday I was already sick of it. So in an effort to loose my BAH HUMBUG attitude I decided to be crazy mom for one day. (happy is a choice I tell my kids - I better listen to my own advice)

We bundled everyone up and went outside for a snow ball fight. Poor Jared the mail man was delivering mail on our street when I had this bright idea. So Olivia thru snow at him too. He is such a good sport. We made snow angels. We pulled off icicles to lick. Yes I let them do this.

After coming in for hot chocolate, the kids still had plenty of energy, so I let them burn it off by jumping of the couch. Can you believe I said yes to that?

Even Nathan got in of the action. I was mid diaper change and he was so excited about it he crawled away and got on the couch and joined in, pants less.

Here is a clip in case you don't remember what it was like to have energetic kids and a long cold winter ahead.